Announcement for Establishment of New POS in Cambodia ~Expansion to Battambang, Cambodia's the Second City~

09 Jul 2013

With regards to GL Finance (stated as GLF below),  we would like to announce the first establishment of sales offices in Cambodia’s second city,  Battambang.  Two sales offices have been established and launched on 9 July 2013 in Battambang,  the second city of Cambodia. This is the first step for GLF to expand business networks from the capital city, Phnom Penh to the entire region.

Battambang is located about 300km northwest of Phnom Penh with a 1 million of population. The new offices are established under the alliance with HONDA NCX, a company that manufacture and sells Honda motorcycles, in HONDA PIN TY and HONDA HOUR SIVKHENG,  authorized Honda dealers. 

With the recent establishment of new sales offices,  there are now 15 GLF sales offices in Cambodia. GLF aims to contribute to the development of “ASEAN’s Grass-root Economy” and is actively employing local staffs. Staffs from Battambang were well trained in Phnom Penh which led to the successful opening with all local staffs. GLF is currently developing the business infrastructure of motorcycle finance throughout the country by actively expanding its point of sales in the region. 

As the only company in the country granted with Finance Leasing Business license,  we will increase the employment of the region and contribute to the “Development of ASEAN’s Grass-root Economy” through the utilization and promotion of finance.