28th Anniversary Ceremony and Scholarship Distribution to Staff's Children for 2014

10 May 2014

Group Lease Public Company Limited (The Company) had arranged its 28th Anniversary Ceremony consisting of the paying homage to Brahmin shrine and Buddhist Ritual Ceremony. Traditionally on the same date, there is also a distribution ceremony of scholarships to the staff’s children who got good study result for the past academic year. For this year, there was also a distribution of souvenirs to the staff who was a Lecturer for In-house Training Courses of the Company.

Mr. Mitsuji Konoshita, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, addressed the opening of the ceremony.

Chairman pictured with the staff’s children who received scholarship for the academic year 2013

Chairman pictured with the staff who received souvenirs for being Lecturer for In-house Training Courses.

Pay Homage to Brahmin Shrine of the Company

Buddhist Ritual Ceremony

Signs Anointing for prosperity