GLF Cambodia record Historical High contract a day

16 Feb 2015

GLF Cambodian Subsiderly achieved more than 100 new contract Today

We, Group Lease Public Company limited is really glad to inform the great news to our shareholders and investors today 16thof February 2015 that GL Finance which is our important subsidiary in Cambodia had record New High in it’s own history numbers of new contract a day. Today GLF which operating Motorcycle Finance had achieved 119 new motorcycle leasing contract, which is the first time GLF got more than 100 contracts a day.

The extremely rapid growing subsidiary, GLF had been stated operation on 17th May 2012. It is the first Leasing Company in Cambodia. It has Exclusive contract for 7 years with HONDA Cambodia, which has 95% market share in the country with 300,000 new motorcycles. Since HONDA is almost monopoly in the Cambodian market, the exclusive right makes GLF as almost only Motorcycle Leasing Company there. So GLF is the first and Only Leasing company for motorcycle in Cambodia now.

Under our ASEAN REGINAL FINANCE COMPANY Vision, GL now aggressively invest into all ASEAN area especially in CLMV countries committing to provide more and more products that contribute to Glass Routs Economy People’s life developed in these 3 years. In Cambodia GLF had started new product last year to finance to agricultural machines of KUBOTA, which will make farmers production ability to jump up.

GL had been just announced on 12 of FEB 2015 strong revenue growth in 4 Q in 2014 with profit increased 611% YoY resulting partly from GLF strong growth in 2014 and now the growth is accelerated more than last year as mentioned above targeting 5000 new contract a month within this year of 2015. (GLF web site) (result of GL on 2014) (GL expansion to CLMV)