explanation for correct understanding- share hold by JTrust

04 Jul 2016

Dear Investors

Regarding to our strategic partner and shareholder of us, Group Lease Public company limited, JTrust ASIA PTE LTD.(JTA), the SET website will not show their name on the name of JTA itself since JTA will transfer their share into custodian service and in the SET system it shows as the custodian name.

It may confuse investors so we inform all the investors about this.

JTA is a company in the Group of companies of J Trust company limited which is a listed entity in Tokyo Stock exchange and one of the subsidiary is J Trust Bank which is our strategic business partner sharing an extra huge ambition of business expansion together in Indonesia with `Digital Finance` business model.

Even SET web site will not show JTA name, in fact JTA still hold 6.43% stakes, as same numbers of stocks as they converted without selling even 1 share of them. Using custodian service is a normal practice all over the world and not showing the name of the owner is normal in SET system. We confirm our valuable investors again that JTA never have any intention to sell the GL share at all and our strong relationship remain unchanged. Actually when we had issued Convertible Debenture to JTA, the contract state that JTA must hold all the shares at least 2 years.

Today we had already contacted to JTA again and make this announcement for them. JTA would like to confirm to the investors that JTA is GL’s strategic partner to expand our new, original and innovative business model ‘Digital Finance’ to the world and JTA had never sold their shares and have no intention to sell at all.

Regarding to this announcement please see below PR from us on 10 June 2016, too.

URL: http://gl.listedcompany.com/news.html/id/531876