Regarding to the share hold by JTrust asia

10 Jun 2016

On 9th of June SET website had started to show JTrust ASIA PTE LTD.(JTA), our strategic partner who had converted their CD into stocks at the end of year 2015 as a shareholder. It shows that JTA hold 4.82 % while they had converted CD equivalent to 6.43%. So we think some of investors may be confused on this announcement.

In fact JTA still hold 6.43% stakes, as same numbers of stocks as they converted without selling even 1 share of them. A part of stocks are under custodian service as nomal practice.

Today we had already contacted to JTA and make this anouncement for them. JTA would like to confirm to the investors that JTA is GL’s strategic partner to expand our new, original and innovative business model ‘Digital Finance’ to the world and JTA had never sold their shares and have no intention to sell.