Regarding the announcement of New share on 29 JAN 2016

29 Jan 2016

We, SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand) listed finance company, Group Lease Public Company Limited(hereby GL) had announced the New Shares to be traded on January 29, 2016. This is the shares which had been scheduled and announced to the public already in DEC 2015 and the new shareholder is J-Trust Asia which is our new and long-term Business Partner as well.

According to the contract between J-Trust and us, J-Trust must hold all the shares at least 1 year. And actually J-Trust and we cooperate to start new Indonesia Finance Subsidiary in Republic of Indonesia, PT Group Lease Finance Indonesia (hereby GLFI ※). Since J-Trust is not only the new shareholder but also a business partner, J-Trust will hold these newly traded shares quite long term more than the restricted period mentioned above as we already mentioned on our PR before. We are quite sure that Indonesian business partnership will contribute to both of GL and J-Trust business and We welcome to have a new and next several Decades shareholder.

We would like to introduce the announcement on 14th JAN made by J Trust Co., Ltd in Tokyo Stock Exchange Market regarding its investments of 20% of GLFI’s share as follows.

1. Background

J Trust Co., Ltd (hereby “J Trust”) subscribed for convertible bond issued by GL and converted in last December to be a long-term strategic partner. We’ll make our partnership practical and deepen by joint investment to GLFI in Indonesia.

GL will be major shareholder of this joint venture, and broaden and expand its finance business in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.

J Trust who made announcement for the joint venture this time has PT Bank J Trust Indonesia, Tbk. (hereby “J Trust Bank Indonesia”) as its subsidiary. J Trust Bank Indonesia is listed on the Indonesia stock market. The bank is a blue-chip financial institution in expanding its business in throughout Indonesia with 62 branches in its network. Tie up with GLFI in finance business this time is expected to boost the outstanding loan balance of J Trust Bank Indonesia and contribute to the profit of the bank. It is also the main reason for the investment decision made this time.

2. Market Overview

Republic of Indonesia has 250 million population, ranks the fourth largest population in the world. Indonesia also has the headquarters of ASEAN- an economic dynamic zone to be expected as a growth engine of the world in coming years. Also, with young population continuing growing and benefiting the country with its population bonus, Indonesia market is expected to become larger with high potential growth.

Below is Indonesian market overview.

a. Steadily increase in workforce

b. Disposable income is rising as ever

c. Household savings rate is one of the highest in the world

From here onward, local financial institutions tend to increase its deposit assetssuch savings. Along with this, in order to maximize its profits, to grow and leverage the high quality of loan balance become the key issue. In other words, it is important proposition for finance business to expand its sales of product called “money”.


3. GL function

GL with 30 year experience and expertise in finance business in Thailand started its first oversea finance company in Cambodia in 2012, and following with a finance lease company in Laos in 2015. GL has developed and broaden its sales networks of POS (point of sales) throughout the Laos and Cambodia to provide finance service to various sectors such as transportation, agriculture, energy and SME. Via its finance service, sales of the products of GL’s business partners such as Honda, Kubota and Panasonic has improved and grown in those countries. GL has been recognized by its business partners thanks to its capability to support and foster the sales of its business partners through the strong distribution network formulated from its large POS network and know-how on finance service. GL will support and enhance the sales of “money” product of J Trust Bank Indonesia by utilizing its business know-how and implementing quick development of POS network.

We look forward to your continuing support, patronage from our investors, shareholders and related parties.

※We’ve announcedthe status of this issue and the new company name as PT JTrustFinane Indonesia with introduction of GL’s release on 7 September, 2015. However, they finally decided the company name as PT Group Lease Finance Indonesia, since GL’s investment ratio is much larger and Group Lease isa well-known brand as a regional finance company in ASEAN.