GL Finance Indonesia and TATA Motors Distribusi Indonesia Reach Agreement for GL to Become the Recommended First Choice for TATA

10 Aug 2017

TATA Motors Distribusi Indonesia (TMDI) and GL Finance Indonesia (GLFI) are pleased to announce they have reached an agreement for GLFI to become the Recommend First Choice financial company for TMDI dealers in Indonesia. TMDI dealers will provide showroom space for GLFI and TMDI, TMDI dealers, and GLFI plan to work together to jointly increase brand awareness.

TATA Motors Indonesia was established in December 2011 as a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Motors and launched its commercial operations in September 2013. Since its launch, TATA Motors Indonesia has rapidly grown and become one of the key automotive brands in Indonesia. GL Finance Indonesia (GLFI) is a direct subsidiary of Group Lease PCL in Thailand, a leading leasing company quoted on the Thailand Stock Exchange. GLFI began its commercial activities in Indonesia in 2016.