As to SET requirements.

10 Mar 2017

The stock Exchange of Thailand had issued a disclosure to ask information to Group Lease Public Company Limited on 2 points. First, details of Loan Receivables in our Financial statement and second, Corporate Governance. The company is willing to and ready to answer the regulators and will answer properly to SET stated today will finish before 13th of March 2017 in which date SET ask for the explanation.

To our shareholders and Investors, the management of the company would like to declare as follows:

– These businesses are normal, properly managed, profitable and have great chance to expand on our Digital Finance Platform.

– These are not new information and we had always show to the public in our Financial Statement every quarter already.

– This information was provided properly as complete set to our Auditor Ernst & Young Office Limited already before the audited Financial Statement year of 2016. And based on above these information, the Auditor provided the unqualified Opinion (so called clean opinion and best opinion), so Managements are quite confident that we are ready to provide such information.

– Since our Board of Directors and Audit Committee are quite active and have done 19 times BOD in the year of 2016. All information is always shared properly and discussed.



Thank you


Tatsuya Konoshita

Chairman of Executive Committee

Group Lease Public Co., Ltd.