The transfer of shares in Group Lease Public Company Limited by Major Shareholder

30 Oct 2020

Group Lease Public Company Limited (“Company”) would like to notify that A.P.F. Holdings Company Limited (“APFH”) has completed the sale of 156,911,191 shares in the Company, representing 10.285% of the total issued shares in the Company. After such transfer of shares, APFH together with Engine Holdings Asia Pte. Ltd. will remain the holder of Company’s shares in an aggregate amount of 403,565,553 shares, representing 26.45% of the total issued shares in the Company. There is no effect on control power of the Company or its business policy including the structure of the Company’s board of directors and executives. In addition, the Company has been informed that the transferees are business partners having long-standing relationship with APFH and have strong desire to hold shares in the Company. APFH further informed that the transferees have expressed their intention to hold the shares in the Company for long term and to give full support to the Company from all possible aspects.

Please be informed accordingly.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita
Deputy Chief Executive Officer