Code of Ethics for Board of Directors

The Company anticipates for the Board of Directors to work under best code of ethics framework to contribute to the utmost interest of the Company and all of its stakeholders within the following code of ethics framework:

  • Carry out duties in compliance to the law, regulations, objectives and Articles of Association of the Company, as well as the shareholders’ resolutions.
  • Manage business operation with transparency and integrity which contributing to the interest of all existing and future stakeholders as well as maintaining the good corporate image.
  • Manage business operation without concentrating in politics or being under political influence and strictly being neutralized.
  • Have no conflict of interest in the business that competes with the Company’s business both directly or indirectly.
  • Manage business operation by avoiding personal conflict of interest with the Company’s interest so that the management is done effectively and efficiently.  Such interests including:
    • Not seeking unlawful benefit from duty performing both directly and indirectly.
    • Perform duties with transparency and being neutral. Do not participate or vote in the Board of Directors’ meeting while considering or making decision on the matters which one has conflict of interest except to present the necessary information to the Meeting only and does not influence or mislead others to make decision for one’s own benefits.
    • Do not disclose commercial secrets or other confidential information of the Company and do not disclose such information or such documents after resigning from the Company as well.
    • Shall not be a director in the company which is the commercial competitor of the Company.
    • Have no benefits or any conflict of interest from the contracts engaged by the Company or inform about the said interest in advance to the Chairman of the Board or the Shareholders’ Meeting and ensure that the Company has a sound process for considering the connected transaction according to the rules and regulations.
    • Shall not accept any cash or assets or any other benefits which are contrary to against the interest of the Company for personal and/or family’s interest, such as  entertainment, gifts, travelling tickets or other entertainment tickets, leisure program, accommodations or other personal offerings, etc. in which the proposer anticipates some commercial benefits from the Company.
    • Carry out duties to the best capacity and devote sufficient time for the best interest of the Company which includes the duty during the Board of Directors’ Meeting as well as other committees’ meetings.
    • The Company’s directors and its family members must not be a shareholder or acquire benefits from the Company’s competitors or other business enterprises including dealers/suppliers that may have conflict of interest with the Company.  However, in the case that such company, business enterprises or such persons having securities listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the securities purchased through the SET or the investment via mutual fund is not considered having conflict of interest with the Company’s interest as long as it does not have any impact on the carrying out of their duties for the Company.
    • Shall not do any action especially in the form of management of other company’s business which might be against the Company’s benefits or provide any advantage to an individual or juristic person either for one’s own benefit or others.
    • Shall not utilize inside information for one’s own or one’s family benefit in buying or selling of the Company’s securities or disclose such inside information to others for the purpose of buying or selling of the Company’s securities.