1 Aug 2023: GL gets new auditor, makes progress on being able to trade again

Mr. Tatsuya Konoshita, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Group Lease Public Company Limited, said “Today we had our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) and I am pleased that our shareholders accepted to have HLB Thailand (“HLB”) be our auditor for 2021, 2022, and 2023. This is a great step for us and shows the work and progress we have done to get to this point. Our team had been ready long time always to show our Financials to the Auditor as well as all investors and welcome HLB one of top 10 Audit firm in the world to cooperate. ”

Mr. Riki Ishigami, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lease Public Company Limited, stated, “we would like to thank many of our shareholders for the patience and for approving HLB to be our auditor. We will work with them to resolve our auditor issues and publish our financial statements as soon as the proper audit work is completed. We are on the path to getting back to normal. While we cannot predict when our financial statements will be published, we do plan to work with HLB to make sure they do get published as soon as possible and on time when possible and to make sure our Company can trade again on the stock market. Also, we are pleased to update that both Executive Directors Kaname Hashimoto and Tatsuya Konoshita were both re-elected by our shareholders as was Independent Director and Audit Committee member Kanokrat Deemangmee. We will continue to work for the benefit of our shareholders.”